The National Do Not Call Registry is one of the best privacy and consumer protection programs of the past decade.

This program, administered by the Federal Trade Commission, allows any private citizen to place their land line and/or cell phone on an “out of bounds” list for unsolicited commercial telephone contact.

Telephone numbers may be registered in one of two ways.  You may call 1-888-382-1222 to access an automated system.  While using this method, you must be calling from the number you wish to register.  Alternately, you may register online at This method allows you to register up to three phone numbers at a time.

Once you register for this service, all commercial outbound telemarketers are required to delete your phone number from their call logs within 31 days.  Your registration will not expire; however, you may choose to reverse your registration at any time.  There are some limitations.  For instance, only residential phone numbers are eligible for registration, and certain entities such as political and charitable organizations as well as telephone surveyors are not required to abide by your registration.  In addition, businesses with which you have or had a business relationship may continue to contact you for up to 18 months after your last business transactions with them.