Because we are locally owned, lending decisions at McClave State Bank are made quickly and efficiently.  We have the flexibility to understand that each customer’s situation is different and requires a personalized plan. Knowing this allows us to offer a wide range of loan options and terms to meet your individual needs. Our innovative Loan Officers think outside the box to create a personalized plan that delivers the most advantage for your individual situation. Applying for a personal loan at McClave State Bank is as simple as filling out an application and coming in for a visit.

Auto Loans:

We offer competitive rates and flexible terms for new and used cars and trucks.  We provide loans for used cars with generous terms based on the age of the vehicle.

Boats, RV’s, Motorcycles and More:

We offer loans on just about anything you could possibly want to drive!  Rates and terms are based on the specific vehicle and model year.

Deposit Secured Loans:

We offer very low rates on personal loans and lines of credit secured by your McClave State Bank CD.  The terms coincide with the maturity of your CD.

Consumer Loan Application